A Night of Stories ‘n’ Harmonies In Warri


Virtuosity presents Stories ‘n’ Harmonies….it was black and white themed and a sight to behold.

It started with the black carpet and shots were taken by the talented lawyer turned photographer, Solomon Abe of AFE studios. It was parked with talent, beauty and so much Waffi swag that is so original… So Waffi.. and the show hasn’t even started…











We are running a bit late due to some tech wahala! that is to be expected na, abi? Its the first attempt at something this great and different…but so much glam abeg. OK enough let’s talk about the hall…so beautiful…with black chair wrap, book shelf with so much books arranged in a beautiful way… Wow abi? there are scented candles too.hmmmm you will say! A triangle lighted multicolored floor.




Now it started with a stream video where Waffarians talked about the new Warri..it was lovely… Then came the brain behind the reason we all went there… Oreva Akakasi, looking dapper with his “ratti” hair and nice Warri top… Need I say it was designed by a Waffarian for a Waffarian in the waff.town? …anyways, he came with apologies for starting a bit late and told us to expect and enjoy an evening of creativity. “Me sef can’t wait o coz to be in a place with so much creativity, is mind blowing”…

The first act was a young guy who lost his mom a while ago and he’s known as Chizzy…with spoken words titled, April’s dooms day. He said at his closing words “I might have had a tough break, but I have an awful lot to live for”, inspiring right?

Then came the multi talented Geepraiz, doing his own song in jazz and this chic couldn’t help but fall in love with him…don’t tell him o, but the dude can sing sha…ohh and he turned an ‘abio’ song to a sultry jazz classique.. ohhh I thought I was the only one but all them oda gals were drooling…ladies…

Next was Johnfire, he did a drum solo..in jazz mind u, he’s a talented drummer even when his drums were falling, he turned that also, into something simply creative and amazing.

Faithful Poet came on with his words called “What will I tell my children?” He will tell them about paradise and when earth will yield her produce. D Barrez came on to do a song by Asa… (am so enjoying dis).

It was indeed a night of fun in a whole whole new level for Waffarians. We are now in the era of the creative class, we owe our city, originality and raw creativity. Take your creativity to the best level and the economic side that will create jobs for you and yours. Go through the process and don’t rush into it for the gain alone… Be prepared because it takes 10,000hrs to be a professional at anything. See old places with new eyes… Wise talk from Tobore Adakaraza…”our eyes con open as we don hear and see tins..so no dulling”

Yea! yea!! we we all had mad fun but we gained wisdom from it all. #WarriWorks became the chant of the evening…. By this time I forgot say keke no dey move by 10 and na Sunday so e go hard to get ride home… But I didn’t wanna leave and then it was all over after Geepraiz did the national anthem…. In jazz…huuuuuu….

I had so much fun and 2 new boyfriends… Not my fault o wat can a gal do na…#WarriWorks

Mary Oga

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