Achieving Wives Visits Cleverminds School, Warri, Donates Teaching Aids

As part of their yearly projects, the Achieving Wives ESM, decided to visit Clever Minds Edjeba.

Clever Minds is a community school by owned by Mr Zion Oshiobugie for out of school children and indigent members of the community. What they saw amazed them.

The Academic Mentor and his team were applauded for doing an awesome job. For they only are they giving quality education for Free. But building character, strong morals,and vocational skills as well.
The kids are super amazing and intelligent.

They appreciated Mr Zion Oshiobugie for not letting these minds go to waste.

Achieving Wives are a group of women,standing with each other. Spreading love, and impacting lives. They are homebuilders, career women and entrepreneurs

They Pray. They Slay

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