Alarming: Recent Robbery Trend in Warri

Over the weekend and this week, there has been a pattern of robbery in Warri. 

Top on the list was that of the actor and comedian, Bishop Umeh who came to Warri for Emmaralo’s Laff and Jump and he was stripped off all his valuables. 

I was at Emmaralo’s laff and jump which held at Delta mall the lovers edition yesterday my car was held at the mechanic’s. So, I came in a keke-chattered one. I had plans of just breezing in and out since I had other engagements. The most shocking thing happened, the keke I came in was STOLEN! Please don’t ask me how it happened I’m still yet to stomach it myself! 

We went straight away to the police station to report the theft while writing our statement, an urgent call for help came through. Apparently, a lady was shot at the chest at roundabout same yesterday!

I later learnt of a Police officer who was killed earlier in the day at same Effurun roundabout. This is not good! While the police was getting ready for the rescue mission of the lady shot on the chest, another call came through that a government car was snatched at that same roundabout.

This is a recent happening and I wish the Government will beef up security in all corners of the state. Lives are at stake here, it’s worse we are passing through a recession at the moment, someone in the guise of a robber of thief ripping you off your valuables in this recession is TERRIBLE.

I hope this plea gets to the appropriate bodies and checkpoints should be mounted at strategic junctions to curb these recent trend of robbery cases. This recent trend must stop! I miss my crime-free Warri!!!



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