Armed Robbery Attack Foiled in Warri (Photos)

The sound of gunshots hardly makes even a toddler to bulge in Warri. But it made even adults to run for dear life today. It was like watching a movie. Timeline: 11:25am

Location: Eku road, Osubi 

The sound of AK 47 rent the air.  People began to take shelter as the sound was getting too closer and spontaneous for comfort. 




A Lexus 300, cream colored, with a dark skinned lad, less than 30yrs of age, I guess,  behind the wheel maneuvered the SUV over the terrible, abandoned road. Three of the tyres have been taken out.  The windscreens shattered by the bullets of the assailants. But the only thing that seemed to be in his mind was how to get to the safety of the Army post by the Airport. 



There was a Toyota corolla, with three hefty guys inside, shooting sporadically into the air. They were obviously aware that their target has escaped. They quickly did a u-turn in an unbelievable way with that car, on such a bad road. This resulted in the fenders of the car pulling out. An oncoming pathfinder managed to avoid crashing into them, but ran into a roadside building. 

These guys calmly came out of their car, continued shooting, strolled to the rear of the car, opened it, took out a traveling bag that is obviously loaded with whatever, and entered into a waiting green Toyota Camry and zoomed of, shouting, “their father”.

Warriupdate later gathered that, this Camry has been driving about the area for a while. Perhaps they had it all planned, to avoid the army check point. 
The story came around that they traced the car from a bank where some amount of money was withdrawn. They probably had gotten the information somehow and attacked the guy. But he was lucky and escaped. 

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