Fire of Lafta VI Set to Hold at the MUSON centre | @obarotiblaze

September 18, 2019

Story, Story (chorus)…Once upon a time… Let me tell you all a short story… I placed a bowl under the kitchen tap yesterday & noticed the tiny drops of water was like 2secs apart from the next drop. Exhausted, I left the bowl under the tap & decided to do other things around the house, […]

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#Comedy: Three Heads Found in A Girl’s Bag!

August 26, 2018

Sad News!!!😭😫😫 Happened live at Abraka. There is confusion in front of the school gate right now. The school security found three heads in a student’s bag. A girl about 20 years old, with a big handbag boarded a taxi from Warri to Abraka. The driver being vibrant felt a strong smell coming from the […]

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See WarriUpdate’s (@WarriUpdate) New Logo

September 4, 2017

As part of the repositioning process of the #WarriUpdate brand, Etalon Studios has delivered a simple, universally aesthestic logo that delivers on the concept of our brand. Watch the presentation here We call on all our clients and fans to please note and henceforth implement this new logo in all our transactions/Interactions, promotions etc. Management.

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[Joke] Ghost Rat Race 

June 2, 2017

Late in 1994, an 87 year old man passed on in a village close to Amai, Kwale, Delta State . The late man’s grand son, Ufiaka (26 years old and fairly educated), was given some money and asked to travel to Agbor to buy a fine casket for his grand pa’s burial. Ufiaka left base […]

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