Charity: @MySaltCity Presents #ProjectClothe100Kids

It’s a few days away and we got a couple of clothes and shoes already, but we can still do a lot more and reach more children.

The joy, the tears and conviction we had when we went to Igbene last year with food stuff only tells us more can be can be done this year in our host community.

Here is how you partner;
1. Buy clothes for boys or girls between the age of 0-10. PEP store at the mall is your friend.

  1. Send the financial equivalent with the reference #ShareAChristmas to DiamondBank ‭0073530847‬ SaltCity

  2. Donate N1000 to pay a partnering tailor.

  3. Donate new fabrics our partnering tailors can use.

  4. Recommend a tailor that can partner within this short time and it could be.

  5. Tell someone about this love campaign.

#ShareAChristmas #SaltCity #Warri

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