Consistency Wins… By Chunu TJ |@unusualteajay

When I first started out teaching teens. I was excited and fired up, I had zest and energy. Creative ideas were flowing from all sides. I was going to change the world one teen at a time!!!

So I did, everyday and in every way that I knew but at some point I got tired.

Have you ever been tired of doing the very thing that you absolutely love?

It’s understandable! I wasn’t getting the results financially as I thought I would. It was like my contribution was a drop of water in a big ocean.

What do you do when it feels like what you do doesn’t seem to make a difference?

You persist and continue. Consistency is the key to getting results. You have to deliberately and daily keep at it! Do it over and over and over again.

Don’t quit because something doesn’t work out immediately. Building a skyscraper is way different from building a bungalow.

What are you building? What is the picture of your desired future? Why did you start in the first place.

I continued and today I can see the growth and development in the teens I coach. I hear the feedback and it makes my heart glad.

It’s hard to keep doing something especially when you don’t see the immediate results. #BeingConsistent is one sure way to WinAgain.

I believe you can, you will and you MUST #WinToday!

Impossible is nothing!
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Story by Ibelema Green
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