**Discretion is advised ** Female Ritualist meet waterloo in Warri (Video)

Female ritualist who pretended to be mad woman was yesterday caught, beaten and burnt to death after being caught with human parts,two iphones and four ATM cards yesterday at DSC Express way, Udu Delta State.

She was pretending to be a mad woman, and was chasing people away from her lair, that it was her shrine. The people around became curious and decided to see what made the place her shrine. That was when they discovered that there were human parts, several skulls of children, over 2000 rolls of foil paper among other things.

They immediately raised alarm that attracted others, who angrily descended on her, beat her to a pulp and set her ablaze.

There were no law enforcement agents around throughout the incidence.

The issue of ritualists is abhorred in this axis after the Otokutu bridge saga that gave the area a very bad reputation.

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