Easter in Warri


Comedy has become a mainstay in the Nigerian entertainment industry, and the current crop of Nigerian comedians owes a big part of their success story to content and ingenuity to the city of Warri and it’s indigenes.

Comedians may have created a vague picture of the Oil City in the minds of Nigerians, portraying her as satirical domain characterized with toughness and blissful ignorance, but despite the infrequent youthful jumpiness, Warri is a peaceful place.

I was reminded of this obvious fact on Easter Sunday, inside a Keke trying to navigate a choked up Warri Sapele road, {Between Water resources and Airport Junction}, when I read a tweet advising people to stay away public gathering during the Easter holidays for fear of Bomb blast.

A very long queue of vehicles parked on both sides of the road and also on both side of the slab positioned on the road.

“Driver, wetin dey cause this kind hold up, where all this plenty cars come from?”

“My broda, na Church ooO, dat big Church for inside dat Street.” (Pointing towards a street, where some of the church members wearing a traffic vest were controlling the traffic)

“If the church has no place to park, why did they not make an arrangement with Our Ladies high school to allow their members park inside the school?” Another passenger said.

While that’s a very valid argument, my mind stayed on the tweet, 
Imagine a bomb explosion in that crowd.
God have mercy, it dawned on me that this kind of things don’t happen here, because God blessed Warri with a measure of great peacef. And I must quickly add here that the church is the reformation centre and should lead in all spheres, such kind of parking is encroaching on the rights of other road users.

Easter in Warri was so much fun, as I spent both Sunday and Monday at Delta Mall.

Good week for Superman Vs Batman: Dawn of Justice to be released on the cinema, I read the movie made over $170M on it’s opening weekend, by the way? And, is Henry Cavill’s Superman dead, (at least for now)?

Lively shoppers, Families, taking photographs, photo bombers like me photo-bombing just to strike a conversation and talk about my church SaltCity (saltcity.com). It was all fun and laughter with total strangers.
All seats at GDC stand, game zone filled, the food court occupied, until the rain began.

My spirit was dampened when water began to drip down from the roof in one of the big shop at the mall.

This is not supposed to happen, Delta Mall is barely a year, this is not good, why has it not been fixed?
Delta Mall is a beacon of light, joy and exposure in the city, it should be maintained and looked after for incoming generation.

We berate government for poor maintenance culture of public facilities, when we in our private
affairs is guilty of same crime.

Shop owners at the mall have to step up and own up, if the roof of a big shop was leaking and nothing has been why won’t the glass of the bar that was recently opened not be broken and not repaired?

And I should add, the plastic chair used at the Bar is not befitting and has drastically reduced the price of drinks sold there.

I did have a great Easter, I hope you did?

You just can’t take laughter from Warri, the rain made some shoppers seat on bare floors…it just feels awkward.


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