From Intern To dotNet developer and Software Engineer: How Warri and its environs stirred me up

My name is Frank Kenechukwu C., an National Diploma (ND) graduate of Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State. I graduated with National Diploma (ND) in November, 2016, and as usual I was supposed to go for a year industrial training, popularly called ”IT” or some refer to it as internship or attachment, in an Information Technology related firm. This is a normal practice in my country, as for the students to practice what they have learnt in school and get adequate field experience.
All thanks to Rize FM 106.5 Warri (positively different), for accepting me into their engineering department where I resumed duty on the 4th of January, 2017 and I learnt a lot with the aid of my Head of Department (HOD) Engr. Freedom and his assistant Engr. Lucky, I learnt how to use to read radio transmission frequency, connect & switch over studios, monitor the radio signal & telephone lines e.t.c. It was fun and interesting been there.

Yet, I felt something was missing as I was groomed to be a programmer, so I went in search for Information Technology Firms where I can fulfil my dream of coding. Which costed me to search the net and everywhere possible, I was so determined that I sent my credentials via email to any firm that has “warri” in its address and beyond (firms like IBM, Samsung, Microsoft). I got a few responses, but of all the most considerable one was Kelsoft Solutions, thou I didn’t know for sure what they were doing or how big they are, I just accepted and I’m glad I did. So, I resumed my internship there on 1st February, 2017.
Been among the best students from my set in school, I went to Kelsoft Solutions with all confidence. But been that the standard of the firm is an international one, I was no match to its system, in short, I was a novice to the tech world. I accepted my place as a novice that I was. I was brushed and provided with the materials I needed to grow. It wasn’t an easy journey as I get rebuked for the things I couldn’t get right. I took those rebukes as my pillars and built on them each time they came. I was given projects to work on to improve my skills and reasoning as a developer and software engineering. I was never comfortable with my skills as I haven’t got to the stage of my bosses, all loyalty to Uvie Jakpor and Usivwi Ukpebitere ( not forgetting Gift Preye.

I remember my boss telling me sometime in November, 2017, “You are not adding value to my company, I give you 6 months to be useful to us”, that statement made me restless and gave me sleepless nights. All his pressure and words were to make me grow faster.

All thanks to PoweredPeople for mobilizing the tech firms in warri to unify and form a community, now called Warri Tech Network and also for organizing the very first Warri Hackathon. At the hackathon, I met people of the same tech stack with myself (dotNet) and I was the one coaching them, then I knew I have grown in the last 7 months. The fun and motivation were #TeamKelsoft, we had mates like Bright, Jenny, Precious, Andrew, Jane, Josephine and Trust Jamin. I’m the oldest mate, so I know all of them, believe me our relationship was perfect and smooth without issues.

When it was time to end the IT and return back to school, I began to consider some factors:
1. I learnt admin roles and software management as I was managing (an online food ordering and delivery site)
2. I was a part of the development team of (enterprise software for a real estate agent or landed property care taker), where I learnt a lot about software architect in and also, the vision and standard of the company. Considering the fact that I learnt in few months here what I didn’t learn in 2 years on ND, I requested to stay back for another one year before I return back to school.
Since then, I have worked with the team on various projects like Mbbov(A saving and loan software for a cooperative society), PreferProperty(an site where renting, buying, selling and leasing of landed properties take place), JobScout (an online application to apply for job and offer job), various Hospital Management Information System and many others, not counting the official sites & blog done for our clients (Legal firms, hospitals e.t.c).

To really meet up to standard, I had to burn midnight candle to ensure I learn new things and get my projects done. I began doing regular data bundle subscriptions at the expense of my daily meals and pleasure just because I needed to learn from online tutorials and communities. Not forgetting the fact that I wasn’t paid but still spent a minimum daily transportation of 500 naira all for the love of the knowledge I was gaining from my bosses and the office.

Far away from the coding, the fact that we have a good relationship at the office made me to learn some other things as; how to manage your staff, how to organize your company, deep and hard decisions to made at certain point, how to market your products after development e.t.c
Finally, it’s 15 months I have been at Kelsoft Solution and I’m proud to say I have been groomed in C-sharp dotNet, MVC5, Web Api2, Unit Testing, writing of clean and optimized codes and so many, to be a dotNet developer and Software Engineer. And so, no matter where I go I’m a proud product of KELSOFT SOLUTIONS, I doubt if any other firm could have given me what #teamKelsoft gave me. Thank you #teamKelsoft


Before, I drop the mic, “e get people I suppose nack kpoko for”,
On the process of developing and learn so far, I have come in contact with great persons and companies, physically and virtually (online), so I give a shout out to just a few I can remember:
A say a big thank you to Rize FM 106.5 Warri postivity different (IG @rizefmradio) and Kelsoft Solutions (IG @kelsoftsolutions) for introducing me to warri ecosystem and techsystem, Warri Update (@warriupdate) and
Kelsodi International Company (IG @kelsodi_int_company) were always there to support the events in warri and environs and also that gave best feedback on things happening around.
Thanks, Powered People Innovation Hub (IG @powered_people) for making warri team crews to see the need for unity, and giving birth to Warri Tech Network (IG @warritechnetwork), that has been a success all the while and have been organizing various events to enlighten people that “Tech is the new oil”.
A big shout out to my very first and best clients, Annie’s Kitchen( IG @anniesquickmeal) and Chichys Kitchen(IG @chichys_kitchen), thanks for your cooperation.
MyTalkActivePage (, IG @mytalkative), you never knew me but you marketed for me, thanks
I loved Nigeria Pidgin Dictionary(from google play store), and you really motivated me even in ways you never knew. Thank you very much Dynamic Brain(

                                                                                                Written and Submitted By
                                                                                                                          Frank Kenechukwu C.                                                                                                                           Engineering Kelsoft Solutions
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