Gas Explosion in Warri, another tragedy waiting to happen

GAS EXPLOSION at Ugbokodo Gas Riser/Manifold.Ugbokodo Okpe L.G.A, Delta State. This happened yesterday due to leakage that has been for some time now. WarriUpdate learnt that the attention of the Nigerian Gas Company (NGC) was drawn to it and they promised to work on it on the 8th of January. But they failed. Before the explosion yesterday, they were expected to fix it, but still failed to turn up.

The explosion caused serious stampede and panic in the surrounding communities and many have fled. Mothers looking for children, crying and a sound like the end time trumpet.

One of the youths informed us that there is another leakage now. He is afraid that if this one explodes everybody will die as the people of Ugbokodo, Jeddo, Ughoton, Ubeji, Ajantitor, Ifie etc are not safe.

They appealed to the government to intervene.

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