Health Benefits Of Sour Sop

  This spiny green apple shaped tropical fruit is called sour sop in some countries graviola. It has a sweet white flesh with pulp used in the production of beverages, ice cream and flavouring. This fruit is loaded with a number of natural nutrients that gives it it’s high health beneficial potency such as vitamin C and vitamin B (thiamine, riboflavin,niacin) along calciumphosphorus and a bit of iron. Studies have shown it contains other natural substances that have biological activity such as actogenins that gives it the potential to prevent or slow the growth of cancer cells, also containing some ascorbic acid that increases the amount of antioxidants in the body that helps fight against free radicals and keep a number of infections and diseases at bay(anti-viral and anti-parasitic power)
Sour sop contains soluble and insoluble fibres that helps in relieving constipation problem by adding up to the stool and facilitating easy elimination from the body. 
If consumed twice a day or regularly can help resolve kidney ailment, liver problems and urinary tract infection(urethretis) and (hematurial-blood in urine) 
Also helps in speeding up healing processes of injury and prevents bacteria infection.
It is used as a remedy for cough, diarrhoea, fever and indigestion.
Can also be used for weight watching, eating a full fruit keeps you very full (fibre) and antioxidants that will breakdown stored fat. 
The leaves, seeds and roots of this plant is highly medicinal. The leaves can cure acne problems and so many other heath issues. It’s not too expensive a fruit to get…feel healthy and fit. 

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