[Health] Health Benefits of Tigernuts

The wonder drink called The tiger nut, known as Aya by Hausa’s, Ofio by Yoruba’s and Aki Hausa by the Igbos or Hausa groundnut in pidgin is known as one of the world healthiest snack, they are high in iron, magnesium, potassium,fibre,vitamin C and E, they are allergen free, gluten free,diary free and chocked with lots of resistant starch.

They help to stimulate the immune system by preventing cardiovascular diseases, stroke and cancer, the minerals contained in it helps to build strong bones and muscles, repair tissues and help the blood stream. They also contain a lot of oleic acid which helps to reduce cholesterol and it prevents the hardening of the arteries and it helps to prevent constipation because it aids digestion, it is also used to treat stomach pain, aid normal menstruation, promote urine production, aid breast milk production, used as a preventive measure for prostrate cancer for men,increases sexual libido as it is a good aphrodisiac and it aids fertility in both men and women,lastly it is also very good for weight-loss as it keeps you fuller for longer.

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