Hijacked EgyptAir plane with 55 passengers lands in Cyprus, bomb suspected on board


An EgyptAir plane was hijacked on Tuesday while flying from the Egyptian Mediterranean coastal city of Alexandria to the capital, Cairo, and later landed in Cyprus where some of the women and children were allowed to get off the aircraft, according to Egyptian and Cypriot officials.

The Airbus flight number MS181 had 81 passengers on board and was flying on a regular route when the hijacking took place, the Egyptians said. It was not immediately clear if one or more hijackers were involved.

An EgyptAir airliner has been hijacked and forced to divert to Larnaca airport on the south coast of Cyprus.
Flight MS181, an Airbus A320 carrying 81 passengers from Alexandria to Cairo, was taken over by at least one hijacker.
A passenger who said he was wearing a suicide belt ordered the flight crew to divert to Cyprus, EgyptAir said.
Cypriot police said those in control of the aircraft had made no immediate demands after it landed.
Larnaca airport has been closed and scheduled flights diverted elsewhere.

Details were sketchy and the motives and identities of the hijacker or hijackers were also not known.


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