[Humour] To Re-Package Yourself Isn’t a Crime

A friend of mine recently sent this to me. Just could not laugh alone and wnder at this level of intelligence. Please read to the very end, thank me later.

To re-package your self isn’t a crime; kindly note
the new titles for the following jobs :
*GARDENER: Landscape Executive Officer (LEO)
*HOUSE MAID: House Upkeep Manager (HUM)
*RECEPTIONIST: Office Access Control Manager
*TYPIST: Printed Document Handler (PDH)
*MESSENGER: Business Communications
Conveyor Specialist (BCCS)
*WINDOW CLEANER: Transparent Wall Technician
*TEMPORARY TEACHER: Associate Tutor (AT)
*TEA BOY: Refreshment Specialist (RS)
*GARBAGE COLLECTOR: Public Sanitation
Engineer (PSE)
*WATCHMAN: Theft Prevention & Surveillance
Officer (TPSO)
*THIEF: Wealth re-Distribution Expert (WrDE)
*DRIVER: Automobile Propulsion Specialist (APS)
*MAID: Domestic Operations Specialist (DOS)
*EMPLOYEE Without PORTFOLIO: Administration
Manager (AM)
*BUS CONDUCTOR: Chief Exit Officer (CEO)
*COOK: Gastrointestinal Nourishment
Management Executive (GNMO)
*BARBER: Dead Scalp Cells Removal Specialist
Do Not Forget
*UNEMPLOYED: Town Surveyor (TS)
*GOSSIP: Research & Communications Manager
*BAD BELLE PEOPLE: Research, Analysis &
Criticism Specialist (RACS)
*LOCAL DRUNK: Alcohol Testing & Maintenance
Executive (ATME)
*MECHANIC: Automotive Fault Tracing &
Correction Engineer (AFTCE)
*TAILOR: Couture Fabrication Specialist (CFS)
*YAHOO BOYS: International Wealth Re-
Distribution Consultant (IWRC), Do have a
wonderful week

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