No doubt, the prayers and prophecies of all concerning Chief James Ibori freedom from the incarceration came to past at about 12noon yesterday 21/12/16 after about 7 years behind the bars.
It was jubilation world over yesterday, from London to Africa and particularly in OGHARA the home front of Chief James Onanefe Ibori. It calls for celebrations for those who genuinely felt the absence of this colossus whose political empire have germinated big trees with enough shades to shield the people from direct sun. Ibori, just like Jesus Christ, ‘died for all’. It is inarguable or incontestible fact that Chief James Onanefe Ibori actually went to the prison voluntarily to stem the spate of jailments in that government where he gave lots of free hands to all his officers to function. Yes, he is a man with the heart of gold, at that, he trusted people without knowing who they actually are. Little wonder he pleaded guilty to the charges preferred against him in UK.
It is only a fool that would think that Chief James Ibori had not helped him. This can only happen however where some actors existed, thereby blocking the dividend of democracy that was coming from this great leader. As a matter of fact, this leader is full with absorbers such that he can tolerate his cheating followers that turned themselves into doors between Chief Ibori and the teaming supporters. That is where you would hear “governor say” because they are there 24/7 to block you from entering into ‘Ibori’ to see Chief James Onanefe Ibori to proffer solution to the life killing problems heaping on you.
However, his absence open a new chapters. That is the “Ibori say” chapters whereby anybody who could travel to London. And even though he didn’t see the leader, would come back to heap some cheap lies on Ibori to their selfish and myopic aim. What a way to cheapening the man who saw himself as father to all? However, the journey that started with a step had eventually come to an end since mid day on Wednesday 21/12/16.
My only apprehension here is that these same people are still very much around. Some were able to even fly into London to welcome IBORI, while others either have no wings to fly, or refused to fly…, but sat back to perfect plans to open a more damaging chapters of back stabbing innocent people in the political society. They will be ready, and ever prepared to give stories that are tale in nature. The great things that have happened is that such blocking of people from the master have now been limited by the advent of technological breakthrough in the area of telecommunication. You don’t need to be at ABUJA, Oghara, Asaba or even London to be able to discuss meaningfully with the leader. All I would say here is that Chief James Ibori must as a matter of importance identify those damaging clerk who would do nothing, but loiter around him, with no impute, but only to engage in destroying people. Only to come out and say…, “Ibori say”. Oghara of today would insist of hearing what Ibori said from the leader himself, and they would for sure respect that.
As we speak, so many ” political leaders” cannot fly again because they lack the wings to so do. But with the ‘Joseph’ leaving the prison yesterday and headed for his political throne, the feathers on their wings have started springing up to be able to fly once again. But let us learn one very important lesson with the absence of Ibori for only 7 years which had turned all into subordinates everywhere. It goes to confirm the difficulties most blockers have put a huge number of Ibori’s followers for the past seventeen years. So if the 6 or seven years of Ibori’s absence could affect you this bad, what do you think of the category of persons that never (ever) got the Ibori direct anointing? 
I have seen that the Ibori is an elephant (of course that is his traditional title – The Eni of Oghara Kingdom). His political umbrella is so wide that it could shield everybody from the direct sun. Or even rains. So the time has only come for us to learn a lesson from the past, and be our brother’s keepers.
I therefore use this medium to, on behalf of myself, my family and the entire members of Urhobo Progress Union UPU congratulate and welcome Chief James Onanefe Ibori into freedom. I pray that your political umbrella should provide the compass for all to return from the woods once again in Jesus Name, AMEN.
Chief Duncan Eghweree

UPU National Publicity Secretary/PRO.

writes from Oghara.

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