In Line Of Duty 


Happy holidays Folks. 

How’s your weekend and Salah holiday going? Did you go on a trip or spent it visiting? 

Was it a sleep through affair or a movie spree? 

Did you take part in an event or competition?

Yeah, i will love to hear it. Please, feel free to share with me how you are spending this holz(kindly comment below). I may catch up some ideas for the next one. A friend of mine said she was touring some West African countries. Waow, what a miss for me, I really would have loved that, I really enjoy traveling. Even though, i only recently returned from one, i still feel i should have gone on another, as their are so many places to visit. 
In the face of tempting trips and fun stuffs luring, I decided against all to use my time to reflect, think and strategize on my year, my mission and my life so far, so as to input my findings to get ahead. To move ahead in life, you must make such valuable assessments from time to time. And no best time than a mid year.

However, it is a new week and as we approach the final days of the 6th month of the 18th year of the 21st Century, you can take advantage of the rest of the lovely holidays and find some time as well to do same. It is imperative, we ask ourselves often; How far? Time indeed flies fast and Time lost can never be regained.
That being said – GET TO WORK. I do not mean just get BUSY about doing NOTHING. But find that purposeful WORK (the REASON why you are here. That thing that no one can do like you can. That thing that gives you unlimited joy and fulfillment when you do) and put your heart and soul into it. That is DUTY. And in the course of deliberate actions taken in the line of duty, Destiny is fulfilled!
Do not be dissuaded by immediate gains or distracted by sudden riches of those around you who usually had to cut corners (well, if they didn’t, be motivated, because it’s proof it will get to you soon enough). Do not be discouraged by the waiting process, rather, remain STEADFAST in FERVENT SERVICE to your DUTY. Keep working at being the BEST version of YOU, and before long, your works will announce you and WEALTH will ceaselessly chase you even when you least expect it. Joseph was in the Prison, when he got recommended to be a Prime Minister and so would you when you STAY FIRM in your LINE OF DUTY.
Have an awesome week, cheers to all diligent Workers for there is CERTAINLY a REWARD for every form of WORK. So long you are in the LINE OF DUTY, it is only but a MATTER OF TIME before your STORY is TOLD. 

You are AWESOME, You are the NEXT BIG HIT!
Happy Eid Mubarak to all especially my Muslim Friends (abeg share ram reach me oooo).
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Akpovona Lugard Ojevwe







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