Instagram User In Warri Complains About Sizzlers’ Services In Warri 

The quality of services of some business  outlets in the Oil city of Warri is becoming a serious issue. 

Today, an instagram user by the handle vee_comm complained bitterly about her experience at Sizzlers, a very prominent fast food outlet in Warri. Please read her story in the excerpt below:

So I had this terrible experience today at Sizzlers fast food airport road,warri… My God the food was so terrible as first it look beautiful on the outside but then the inside was bad.. What happened, I had this friend that came visiting from lag and we need a place to seat and talk you, that kind of hang out thing, so I was contemplating between Aj and Sizzlers, finally we decided for sizzlers just because they have good space and the former doesn’t, we got there only to discover no light in the fast food,the place was completely dark we stay for an hour without light, bought the food, payed but no light to print our receipt,we decided to eat waiting when light came to take the receipt then the worst happened, the chicken was so bad, smelled and geez no taste in the rice, my God we couldn’t talk, in fact I couldn’t bear it again so I walked up to the Supervisor to make a complain but guess what there was nothing he could do, he couldn’t even apologize, all he could say was just manage an, I was so angry with that statement, manage #4100 in this economy where does it happen.. We had to leave the food after trying severally to manage it,geez that is the worst food I have eaten.. He didn’t feel any remorse and the waitress there were just arguing about the chicken there, instead of apologizing, finally they had to give me a written receipt not even the usual printed receipt telling me the machine was bad… This is so quack… Is this how they treat customers here in Warri, no wonder they keep folding up…. Sizzlers please upgrade, this is so bad of you.. #poorservicerendered.. #sizzlerswarri… #sizzlersairportroad…

It is time we demand quality services from those whose duty it is to serve us. 


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