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Jideonwor Gabriel Udoka, born 19th of February 1991, he’s an artist, he hales from Asaba delta state but lives in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. He was educated at Lagos State Polytechnic (Laspotech) where he graduated in Art and Industrial Design in 2015.

From a very tender age, Gabriel wanted to tell stories and showcase the beauty and perfection of God’s creation through pictures. But growing up was hard because of the harsh realities of life. He faced the challenges of peer pressure and family and the inability of others’ thoughts to understand his wild and imaginative mind thereby seeing people get into conflicts frequently. Art was his escape from life. Art offered him hope and a promise of a future filled with beautiful colors.


Member of Junior Chamber International Nigeria, Menmuir of Young African Leader Initiative etc


A Social Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist.

OCCUPATION :Artist, textiles Artist, Artisan, Musician, etc.


Jideonwor Gabriel Udoka is the Managing Director/CEO/Curator and also the owner of vivid art gallery Nigeria located at Lekki, Ibeju local government area.

Vivid Art Gallery Nigeria is officially opening her gallery on 28th July 2017. Vivid Art Gallery Nigeria has been in existence locally and internationally since 2014, but major in painting, textiles and strictly crafts e.g Ankara ladies sandals, Adire Production, Musical Instruments bags, Ankara men sandals, local necklace etc.

STYLE: Realism and Impressionism etc.

ARTIST WHO INFLUENCED HIM: Leonardo Da Vinci, Abdullasalam Abdukareem, Abiodun olaku, Barbara Bradley, Voka, Justin Marshall, Oyenike Monica Okundaye, Bruce Onobrapkeya, Yussuf Grillo, Damola Adepoju, Vincent Vangogh, Olumide Oresegun, Titus Agbara, Duke Asidere, Ato Arinze, Gloria Keh etc


Vivid Art Gallery Nigeria ’s mission is to develop the practice, enjoyment and understanding of contemporary art, in Nigeria and beyond. We aim to enrich our audience’s experience through artistic and educational programmes that are distinctive, innovative, stupendous and challenging.

To deliver new artistic programmes which are challenging and accessible, featuring the best local and international contemporary work in art.

To support the development of artists and arts practice in Nigeria through new commissioning and exhibiting opportunities, courses and events, publishing and professional development activities.

To develop audiences in Nigeria and internationally through exhibition, touring and distribution of work, in both physical and virtual spaces.

To work with arts and educational partners in Nigeria and internationally to ensure that artists, audiences and participants in education programmes have a deep and wide-ranging engagement with contemporary art.

To secure new, integrated premises in a more central location which enable Vivid art gallery Nigeria to draw together the various strands of its work, to extend its cultural offer and reach, and maximise the potential for developing audiences and participation.

To build organisational capacity and levels of expertise to support growth and ensure the highest quality delivery in all areas of our work

To increase investment in marketing and development activities which extend the reach and impact of vivid art gallery Nigeria’s work, both in Nigeria and internationally

To develop new income streams and increase financial efficiency and effectiveness to ensure long-term sustainability for the organisation

To act as an effective advocate for contemporary visual arts in Nigeria, nationally and internationally.

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