James Ibori Set To Be Released 

The rumour mill is seriously agog with the the tale of the the release of the former governor of the state, Chief James Onanefe Ibori. 

Chief Ibori has been serving a jail term in England in the midst of legal fireworks for his conviction to be quashed . 

A former commissioner in the state under his administration, Ighoyota Amori recently said Ibori will spend Christmas amongst his kinsmen. 

One of Ibori’s kinsmen posted on Facebook counsels to Ibori to be wary of deceivers, as he returns from prison 

This, along with perceived preparatory moves in Government House,  which is allegedly preparing to receive Ibori has turned tongues wagging . 

Ibori, despite his imprisonment is considered to be the best Governor to have ruled the state. An earlier poll by WarriUpdate revealed that he was more popular than the then sitting governor . 

We have our ears to the ground and will surely keep you posted on events as they unfold. 


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