Life is Limited! 

Life is not going to last FOREVER. Love truly today and do the BEST you can. Leave NOTHING to the moro for we were not promised that.
Smile often, Love passionately and make a difference while you can. 

Don’t you stop at nothing, You were made to be MORE. You are DESTINED for GREAT things, I charge you to FULFILL your calling.

At the end, remember that NOTHING ( not money, luxuries, wealth, trips e.t.c) whatsoever matters more than LOVE; Don’t fake it and don’t take it for granted.  LOVE is why we are here, to LOVE each other, to LOVE the EARTH and to LOVE our GOD. 

“One man practising LOVE is BETTER than 50 Preachers preaching LOVE”.

LOVE is the REASON men write books, LOVE is the REASON people teach others, LOVE is the REASON You WORK or HUSTLE ( even if you don’t know it yet – to create a more COMFORTABLE future for your LOVED ONES), LOVE is the reason man landed in the moon, the REASON for SCIENCE and every TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT like invention of machines; cars, planes, ships, and of course mobile phones…, advancement in medicine and agriculture and so on, to make OUR LIVES EASIER and not to enslave us. So, don’t you abuse technology or VALUE possessions above LOVE and LIFE.


Let LOVE abide RICHLY in your Hearts. And may God give you the wisdom to know what is most IMPORTANT in life and DO that accordingly. 

Have an awesome day, do make the rest of your life the BEST yet, DO THAT THING TODAY!




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