Man Crush Monday #MCM: Ray Kimono


Today we are throwing it all the way back, we going back to the days when everyone was a rastafarian and was jamming to reggae songs. Ukeleke Onwubuya popularly known as Ras Kimono is our Man crush today.


The veteran reggae artiste is from Delta State (I bet many of you didn’t know that). The legendary reggae artiste topped the music charts in the ’80’s and 90’s.


His music was greatly influenced by the poverty, inequality and hardship he witnessed in his early life. He released his solo debut album “Under pressure”, the album had hits like “Under pressure”, “Rasta get jail” and the massive hit “Rum-Bar Stylée”.fb_img_1477301269290

He presently lives in the US. He is married and has 5 children. One of his daughters who goes by the stage name ‘Oge Kimono’ is also trolling the musical path like the father.

#WarriUpdate is crushing on one of the finest legendary reggae artiste Nigeria has had and a notable Deltan. He was one of the few who made GOOD music! He gave us songs we could relate to and it helped in shaping our society positively. Oppression, corruption, nepotism, racism and all the ‘ism’ and ‘cracy’ where the lyrics contained in his songs. We celebrate you legend, Ras Kimono!



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