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And then the god, Dionysus, asked the King Midas to wish for whatever he wanted.

Midas, without thinking twice, asked for the power to turn anything he touched to gold. He was granted his wish.

He touched a stone. It turned to gold. He touched a tree. It too turned to gold. Ecstatic, he went about touching everything- from the garden to the bedroom. He possessed the power to be wealthy beyond belief.

He called for a feast. As he sat to eat, he touched his meal and his banquet table turned to gold! Now he had cause to be worried.

Just then, his daughter ran in crying. She had just discovered all the flowers in her favourite garden had been turned to gold. She was heartbroken. She ran into his arms to be comforted.

He held her. And she turned to a statue of gold.

King Midas was sorry. Very sorry. He regretted his wish. Thankfully, Dionysus was kind enough to reverse the gift.

Who would have thought a touch of gold would be a curse?

Be careful what you wish for, you just a BBB might get it.

Like King Midas, some of us make blind wishes and, when we get them, end up worse than where we started. We find that what we want often comes at the cost of what we truly need.

We clamour for change only to find that, perhaps, we were better off where we were. That perhaps, we might have gained better by working our way out sensibly, following principles and process, rather than jumping- from frying pan, and landing in fire.

#GetAGrip on your idle wishes. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Stop wishing for what you lack. Start working with what you have.

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