[Motivational] Originality Wins

I started public speaking unprofessionally about 19yrs ago. Back then, I wanted to sound like those I listened to. I kept practicing until someone echoed, “You sound like Pastor Chris”. At that point, though I was being referenced to an admirable model, I realized I had lost my identity. The more you blindly copy others the more the beauty of your gift, talent, business or essence diminishes. You become like the photocopy; a backup plan that may always be kept on the reserve bench as one with injuries.

Over the weekend, we hosted an event with my mentor in public speaking and I delivered as me. We gave participants an opportunity to compete and showcase their public speaking skills. My lines became a delightful repetition on their lips. Everyone left smiling, some snapping and others seeking my contact.

UnusualTeajay now has a unique professional and desirable identity. Learn from others but express that knowledge in the uniqueness of who you are. There is a sweetness that being you brings. No one else can be or do you.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed of the outcome of being who you are. Your difference counts. It makes life a colorful reality. The world doesn’t need two of the same person, that’s why our fingerprints are different. People will reference you for the value the originality of your gift brings. The world awaits you. She has experienced others already. So, redefine, refine and release the new improved personality and the ingenuity you carry. #BeingAnOriginal is one sure way to #WinAgain.

I believe you can, you will and you MUST #WinToday!

Impossible is Nothing!
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