Must Read: Hon. Solomon Awhinawhi in fierce battle with female activist

There has been an ongoing feud between popular activist, Elsie Halima Ijorogu-Reed and Hon. Solomon Awhinawhi.

It all started when Elsie began a campaign with hashtag Say no to #sleepinglegislators. This was a supposedly call out to the Legislator to be accountable of his stewardship for his years in office. See picture below

According to Elsie’s account, Solomon’s aides and his brother have resorted to Blackmail to tarnish her image. She was accused of being a pimp, lesbian and also a prostitute. 

Read more image slander from Solomon Awhinawhi camp.

I am expecting more lies from Awhinawhi and his boys. No amount of blackmail will stop me.
My name is Eric, I lived in the UK and I am from Sapele.

For some time now? I have been following the evil and wicked act of Elisie Halima on facebook and how she has been attacking some persons. I just want Deltans particularly Urhobo people to know that Elsie, is not a fit and proper person to abuse anybody because if a 52 years old woman who is into serious lesbianism at this old age in the UK and before now a prostitute who has children whose father caught her in bed with his best friend is not a person to come to any social media space to abuse anybody as she does not have that perdigree. 

Elsie lives in a council flat in the UK here, she was almost thrown out last year, she and one lady who lives in my neighborhood and who was once into lesbianism but decided to stop the act quarrelled publicly and the lady told her that she was tired of such act. 

Why is she running every where now, what I posted about her are her true stories which are verifiable, they are the truth and nothing but the truth or is it ONLY Elsie Halima Ijorogu-Reed that can dig into people’s life?

She has abuse one Ovie Agas, Igbuya, Hon. Sheriff, Ahwinahwi and Ibori, so let me expose the OLD FAKE & SO MUCH RAVAGED PROSTITUTE in the UK here who is claiming that she is a saint How? Halima. 

I do not know Solomon, I hear he is rich, that is his business but what I will not take is for one old prostitute now a lesbian to go about abusing my fellow men of Urhobo extraction at home. Elsie I will bring out more facts about you.

I will update u all of our chart yesterday, what u people should ask her is what was her response and why did I say that, when I upload our chat u all will know why and judge us accordingly

This is Solomon Awhinawhi brother’s wife.

Solomon aides accused her of being the ‘madam’ that helps me recruit girls for prostitution.

That car right there is the car she allegedly uses to transport the girls.
While the campaign say no to #SLEEPINGLEGISLATORS is not about her personal life and her line of illegal business 
I would like to send a strong message to Solomon Awhinawhi camp.
I am not afraid to go to into personal war with you. 
If you mess with me I would not just stop with Solo wife, sister  and brother I would include his children and all extended family.

The difference is I would post FACTS.
You can’t distroy my name and stigmatize my child and I leave yours.
You either focus on telling us what your boss has been doing in the house of Representatives for six years 
Spend time telling Deltans that Solomon Ahwinahwi’s wife is a prostitute and lesbian 
The choice is yours 
Either way I have the capacity of meeting you right there.
Trouble started when the activist, Elsie ijorogu-reed began a campaign against “sleeping legislators”, for Hon ahwinahwin to render account of his stewardship

Elsie recently posted on her Facebook account and this time she pointed out the wife of Hon. Solomon as her alleged ‘lesbian partner’ as was insinuated. Read her account

News flash.
Just found out the woman Solomon Awhinawhi aide claim is my lesbian partner  is actually Solomon Awhinawhi wife Rosemary.
Her being a lesbian is his  personal problems n life  has nothing to do with me because one I am not a lesbian and she is not my partner. Never met her before 
two it would not fix the schools n road in Ughelli North / South / Udu 

Three it’s none of my business.
Solomon Ahwinahwi boys should face the issues at hand and leave Solomon Awhinawhi  wife sexual life alone.
Don’t distract us.

See picture of the wife

Hmmmm, so much drama happening around!

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