My Made In Warri Obsession PT1

This is a special weekend post where I share some of my favourite, delicious and heartwarming delights in Warri.

Am I the only one who lights up at the sight of my favourite food? smackslips

Can we all take a minute to appreciate one of my… no, our (I’m not alone I know) favourite cravings and obsessions drumrolls BARBECUED FISH!!!

In my various ‘out of Warri experience’ where I bought the bbq fish, the taste were most of the times off. It ended up being too spicy or not well seasoned and most of the times too pepperish. The taste wasn’t all tWar good and I ended up frequenting the toilet. Did I mention how awfully expensive they were sold?

Barbecued catfish made in warri is simply the BEST and I’m saying this with all humility. Trust me this is no jollof wars between Nigeria and Ghana (lol), I’m simply stating the obvious.

It’s all wrapped up in a shiny foil paper served with Irish potato chips or fried yams, coleslaw salad and a slice of lime to give it that sour taste. It’s a great sight to behold. It goes well with a chilled bottle of any of your favourite drinks trust me.

This is my experience of the bbq catfish what is yours??? 

If you are not in Warri and you haven’t tasted it yet this should be on your bucket list and it should be crossed out on your next visit.

Happy Weekend!

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