Niger Delta Republic: Military Takes Over Warri

Men of the Nigerian Army, Navy, Airforce and Police yesterday took over the erstwhile quiet  streets of Warri in what someone described as a ‘show of power’.

Residents were surprised to see trucks, hilux vans well about 30 in numbers, driving round the city, stopping at intervals, shoots sporadically into the air, with one of them shouting, “where dem dey, una fada”.

WarriUpdate gathered that this patrol was as the result of the declaration of the Niger Delta Avengers’ prior declaration of the Niger Delta as a Republic. 

Watch the video as captured here

These patrol teams were still on the roads of Warri till nightfall yesterday.
What do you think about this? Are the militants doing the right thing? Are these militants in the streets of Warri or in the Creeks far from Warri?

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