Official Press Release For The CEOS HANGOUT 2

img-20161130-wa0008Welcome to the official press conference for the CEOS HANGOUT 2. THEME LET’S SHAKE HANDS “21ST CENTURY MILLIONAIRES MASTER CLASS, before I go further with Details of the press conference I want to first of all thank every organization that is ably  represented, members of the press, the radio stations, online media, sponsors, partners, the Warri Business  Community and friends.


The  2016 CEOS HANGOUT is very key, it is vital for our local economic stability, but before I talk about the 2016 CEOS HANGOUT permit me to first talk about the 2015 CEOS HANGOUT which was the maiden edition  held at the Golden Tulip hotel warri delta state. Last year in that meeting we had over 53 CEOS, apart from unions, government agencies, the press etc


img-20161130-wa0006We had to do something to  grow our business And this motivated the maiden edition of the CEOS HANGOUT  and with  the theme “If sponsorship doesn’t work real partnership does”. This theme was needful because we found out that if we must achieve,  then we must grow  as a team, as  it was difficult at that  moment to get support or sponsorship for anybody, we the local economy we had to work as a team to boost investors confidence, business friendly, a new mindset, etc. It was met with a lot of enthusiasm, this gave birth to the Warri  Business Community.


We gave ourselves targets to empower 5000 youths, and we launched the new mantra “Warriworks”  as against the old “warri nor dey carry carry last” yesWarri is working!


This year’s  CEOS HANGOUT we want to complement the achievements of last year.  Last year,  we had Delta’s first opera “nymair spoken words and virtuosity – nobody believed such a thing could be done in Warri?


We also had Warri fitness festival, face of klassique pro, last singer standing , Warri shopping festival and so many others. At the end we were able to create opportunities.  Unlike before  when you see celebrities  who come to do event from lagos bring everything including manpower. We were able to prove them  wrong with  the “Harrysong one delta peace concert”. Thanks to Harrysong for the faith in us, now as I speak with you Yung six is planning a concert, after that OritseFemi.



We launched  two indeginous products, VALON HOUSE HOLD WASH, DETERGENT, Detox, and DOC. PREFERED Collection.  Now we have been able to create an environment where it is possible to Invest and do business in Warri.


As the euphoria begins to build,  it is important that we build structures, foundations, this  was the reason why some other platforms that tried to rebuild failed  because as they  made early progress,  they  forgot to build structures.


This is what the 2nd edition of the CEOS HANGOUT is all about, with the theme LET’S SHAKE HANDS and (tagged)  21ST CENTURY MILLIONAIRES MASTER CLASS. So we have a theme and a tag and why have we done this we have come to understand that if we must build our local economy, increase in business intelligence, business structure, then we must engage professionals, experts. We must engage people who have succeeded in what they are doing, be it in delta state or lagos or elsewhere to  come and share success secrets of how they were able to build the structures they have and how they got to where they are.


This will create a bigger platform to meet with local investors, manufactures,  other key sectors  even the government  policy makers,  so everyone brings something to the table.


This is what we can do but these are  the challenges,  the government will tell you “these are our challenges”,  “this what we want to do”, “this is what we can do” ;  the the financial sector will tell you “this is what you are not doing right’,  ‘that’s why you are not getting the response you want from’,   and ‘this is how to go about and we will get you involved”.


This is one of the anchor point of this hangout and we want everyone to be present, WHAT CAN YOU CONTRIBUTE TO THIS LOCAL ECONOMY FOR IT TO GROW,what should done so the local investors,  government will now be able to say I will be able to partner with this because it is in line with our economic growth strategy and development goal?


Alot of things  will work when everyone know what opportunities are out there so that we can  in the process grow our business, build brand,  networking and marketing our various services, because in as much as we gather to equip our minds.


Another key factor is to also translate it into more productivity in our business. This year we have decided to engage key speakers  to talk on various sections.


Our first speaker is Mr Godfrey Efe urhobo,  MD Smile  communication Nigeria, and he will be talking on SMES, STRUCTURE AND BUSINESS Intelligence.


Our second speaker is Orode Ekpu,  CEO. Exclusive brands Africa  and she will be talking on DELTA :IMAGE IDENTITY PEOPLE AND Mindset.


The third speaker is Mr segun Macaulay,   Former Cooper,  Airtel Nigeria, he will be speaking on ENTREPRENURESHIP  AND FMCG.


Our  fourth speaker is Amb.  Anthony NWANGWU,  Ceo Lightworld industries and he will be speaking on YOUTHS:THE POWER OF YOUR MIND AND THE PRINCIPLE OF WEALTH CREATION.


Our fifth speaker is Onye ubanatu  Ceo my passion my life media and he will be speaking on WARRIWORKS : TELLING OUR OWN STORIES WITH PICTURES: PAINTING THE PICTURE OF A BEAUTIFUL MORNING OF A WARRI THAT WORKS.


Our sixth speaker is Dame Elizabeth Agu Branch controller CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA,  ASABA and she is speaking on THE ROLE OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTION AND THE OPPORTUNITES AVAILABLE IN BUILDING A LOCAL ECONOMY. The regional manager zenith bank will also be taking on the same topic as CBN Branch Controller.


Mr Segun Emmanuel, Delta foremost motivational speaker  will be talking ON WARRI THAT WILL WORK WILL NEED A YOU THAT Believes, this are our front line speakers.  For the General session, for the interactive sessions will have guests such as  Ben okotie-eboh MD Crown/kpoko FM, OCHUKO OROGUN, head of presentation Delta broadcasting service,  timi pudie media personal and filmmaking,  Orode odjegba, producer and director of Dreams Mr okoro MD Recoze hotel, Dr Charles Akpoki, WIZZYSMILE, Kelly of the IDEAS Com, Mr Igho Tietie of


Now this year  our official sponsors are Lightworld industries, zenith bank, and smile communication,


For partners  we have the warri business community, golden Tulip, WARRIUPDATE klassique pro studios, WIZZYSMILE PHLAIMS VeraNora brisbina group, so precious clothing, TOPNOTCHCONCEPTS, delta state government, ROB


For support  CBN ASABA, Dos entertainment, G29 studios, delta mall, rize FM quest FM, kpoko FM white heart foundation, delta carnival entertainment, fly global, Delta 24/7, our venue we are using  the Golden Tulip hotel warri


Time : 9am accreditation


Main event : 10am


thanks everyone welcome to the future

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