OML 30 Host Communities to Shutdown Flow Stations

accuses Heritage Energy of uncivil conduct

Elo Edremoda

Host communities of Oil Mining Lease (OML) 30 have threatened to shutdown operations of some flow stations in the area.

This was resolved at the end of a meeting of the Forum of Pipelines and Well-Head Communities’ executives held in Agbarho, Ughelli North council area of Delta state on Thursday, April 26.

Speaking to journalists, Chairman of OML 30 Cluster 10, Mr. Joseph Ibuje, said that the shutdown became necessary due to the poor conduct of the operator, Heritage Energy Operational Services Limited (HEOSL), recently.

Said he: “The most annoying of all is that just last week they changed operation. They are at liberty to change whatever they want because they have been introduced to us by the state governor. But the manner with which they carried it out, by bringing in the military and government apparatus to overrun the asset overnight is not civilized.

“They look at us as docile and that we do not know what we are going. We have not been fighting, we have been asking for these our benefits through dialogue. They have been operating, boasting of increased production, far more than NPDC could do. But if we need these things and you are shying away from them, can you shy away from your responsibilities?

“The issue is so complex and there are a lot of rumours. Some persons are coming to introduce themselves, some NGOs are coming, one APZ, one DPN, so we do not know who is who. Let Heritage come out, that is why we wanted to see Mr. Naeem himself, to tell us who is operating the asset for him.”

He however, reiterated their readiness for dialogue with the managing director of HEOSL, Mr. Naeem Atik-Sadiq; president generals of host communities, the Community Development Board (CDB), as well as government agents.

“We have resolved that the option of dialogue is not lost. We will put up a committee to meet with our monarchs to educate them on what is going on.

“We will put our communities on red alert. We will not allow them to overrun our communities to do their oil operations without our knowledge and consent. They cannot come into our communities to do anything. We will resist it as it is now. We will shut down the flow stations. Like the flow station of Eruemukohwarien community, that is in this cluster, we are going to shut it down any moment from now. And all the facilities, every well-head, we will shut down,” the chairman vowed.

Accusing the company of trying to evade its responsibilities, Ibuje said all they are asking for is what is due them.

Some of the issues as listed in the meeting include review of the GMOU, outstanding 2016 GMOU fund, scholarship from 2015 till date, non employment of workers from the block and blatant refusal of staff audit, community content/contract, nonpayment of salaries and reentry process of new operators.

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