Operation Clean Warri! Join us tomorrow

Good evening,

How did your day go?

You are getting this message because I know you are a solution and not part of the problem. .

The video here shows the problem along the NPA expressway, almost opposite Chevron, adjacent to the former Protea Hotel (Now Bon ). That problem is perennial and there are a lot of accidents that have happened around there, but the government hasn’t done anything about it.. .

But who is government? We are, because we are responsible.

Join us tomorrow morning 6:30am with your shovels and working materials, let us make the road functional and useful again. It is for our betterment at the end of the day. . .

I sincerely look forward to seeing you, even if can’t make it, kindly send the message to someone who will like to be a part… .

You are the solution and I believe in you. . . .

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Admin, @WarriUpdate

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