[Opinion] Based on Logistics: After BBNaija, Way Nigeria

It’s been a while I’ve written something and I deliberately stayed away because my views will hurt many and am always unapologetic about my views, I didn’t want drama on my time line,  from “Apostle Jigi Jigi”,  to “I No Go Wear Uniform”,  go “Senator 1 Week Certificate” to “A Romanian trying hard to recite the Nigerian National Anthem” 👈 (I will come back to this one O;  in fact this one need another write up), then the “Based On Logistics Movement”, I no even wan talk put for any of them, I was waiting for the series to unfold based on the latter part of the things I’ve listed because I no wan still talk put for the former so make we limit this gist to BBN before DSS go come find me (Una know say na who them get power reach them dey find).

Anyways Big Brother Nigeria is over and Efe emerged the winner, the #TeamEfe fever took over the blogosphere,  twitter, instagram, BBM , WhatsApp, SnapChat, Facebook and all; he had many Co-Signs and all then being from Warri wasn’t a disadvantage for once (They always see us as Razz People, them dey forget say na the same brain God give Every na just for you to harness am and use your Skeri (Brain) Well).

Efe played out his real sef (I don’t know him personally but I saw that “Omo anyhow E be, E be” attitude , he persevered, I checked his instagram page one day and I understood the brother, same day he was on the show talking about how he got the call “Normal Hangover things, them call me, the phone ring I no quick pick (Please if am wrong correct me, might not be exact words), he drinks, he gets high, he still dey hustle, dey go studio, dey update and all….. He head dey him neck, he know wetin he dey find…..

Efe has etched himself in the folklore of 9ja history, he’s the Nigerian dream, in a period where we only have nightmares without even sleeping or according to Yung Hanz,  #DayMares,  he inspired a lot of people by staying strong, true and winning the Bar. …. now u hear #BasedOnLogistics everywhere (a term already made popular by another #WarfCityBreed @EriggaNewMoney) 

Efe made various Warri people to come out and identify with warri,  even peepz who don’t or have never stayed in warri but are from Delta state dey claim warri because of Efe.

Now if you have read to this part, let me tell you why I wrote this and spoke about this……..

We are suffering and the Government should be happy that we have welcome distractions like this to make us forget their shortcomings because majority of Nigerians no get joy again (and Una Government dey against BBN & BBA) ; Why won’t you even give the populace light to enjoy what gives them joy and forget about the hardship temporarily?

Do they know how much Zee World and Telemundo eases the stress of our women folks (Even if they give us burnt offerings; many women dey watch these things dey forget food for fire sha) , the only thing when wan make the woman forget say u never pay her husband for 3 months or say u no dey pay the man well, u go come take light, she no go fit watch her #Telemundo and #ZeeWorld. … she go come dey nag …..

This government should be happy sef that many things dey happen when dey make us dey bone them because every government get welcome distractions, During Abacha’s time it was Football (The Dream Team – Atlanta 96), That team gave us joy, we had heroes, Kanu Nwankwo,  Celestine Babayaro,  Jay Jay Okocha, Emmanuel Amuneke and others….. Now that’s how u ginger a generation even under oppression ….. good role models….. now the only role models we have are thieving bastards and I fear for the future of my son and the new generation.

Efe,  if you are reading this, the only thing I want is for u to keep on flying the flag as the inspiration for the youths and fight for change, cos u changed many people’s life…… do am for us abeg

Please let all and sundry try and change the country, we are the change 

PS: And as for the APC government and President Buhari,  No more distractions …. We Don come back
Written by:

Okeoghene Whizzykoko Emoghene (@Whizzykoko) 

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