[Opinion] Let Children Be Children. 

So my kid cousin turned a year old today and his parents been so happy decided to mark it even in the  midst of recession, with the way the invitation came one will think it was just a little get together until I arrived the venue and could not get a place to park, after the  struggle I ended up parking on d next street and trekked back to the  birthday venue. On entering, the compound was filled with so many persons and more still tripping in. 

Kids dressed to kill in their different outfits, makeup and hair do and yes the mothers were not left out…neither were the single ladies and guys. The Mc called the kids for a dance competition and I was amazed at the dance steps being displayed on the dance floor. Girls of 4yrs were twerking and giving all sorts of sexual moves and you could see how proud the moms were as they cheered their kids to win the dance prize. Kids who couldn’t display this dance steps were sent back to their sits and you could see the pains and flash of jealousy in their eyes.

I ask,  does the 21st century generation that is turning everything around stop them from being kids who are suppose to learn step_by_step?
 Does the bumshort, bumskirt, rugged jeans, exposed tops, makeup and hairdo stop them from being kids?
 Does this display of dance steps not put them more in danger of being sexually abused?
 Can this children defend themselves from their abusers?
 Is it right to say kids without this lifestyle don’t have swag and should not participate in competitions meant for kids or attend events for kids? 
Does this swagalicious lifestyle not shape the lives of this kids when they grow up? 
Is it not the swag the parents want them to have that makes them dress these kids in such manners?
 Then why do parents complain when this kids grow up dressing in this same manner and going to parties or upload twerking videos on social platforms?

Who is to blame?

Lesson of the day: Let a child live like a child, think like a child and mature gradually so that it doesn’t deprive them of not living as they ought to.

Helen .C. Moses

NB: Helen Moses is a graduate of linguistics and communication studies. She’s a freelance writer, who love writing. Follow her on IG here

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