Oturubeke! Lady dies while Trying to Abort a Baby Fathered by Her Uncle

According to reports by Sapele Oghenek,the girl pictured below,Justina Erube, died after she was impregnated by her uncle.Her uncle,Satur Erube aka Satur Busher,a former Chairman of Amukpe Motor park,impregnated Justina, the only surviving child of his late elder brother.

After the the death of his brother,he picked his late brother’s daughter from Lagos whom he promised to train in school.She was 4yrs then.He trained her in secondary school after which she entered Otefe(university).According to reports,he was so jealous that he can kill anybody who comes near the lady,not knowing that he was having sexual relationship with her.After impregnating her,she did abortion.Complications of abortion set in and she became ill.At a point,villagers started to inquire the cause of her sickness but she refused telling anybody.Sapele Oghenek gathered that she refused to divulge the secret because her uncle threatened to kill her if she does so.Unfortunately she died on March 18.He organised his church members to take the corpse to her village.Youths from the community pursue the church members.According to them,Satur should bring the corpse home himself.

After serious interrogation,Satur revealed that he impregnated the girl.He revealed the details of what transpired.The corpse has been rejected by the family.Satur has deposited the corpse at Eferakeya mortuary.

When she was sick,Sacur travelled to Ghana with his friend named Papa.When they came back,they were boasting that they will soon make more money.

It is suspected that he used the girl for ritual.He also sold the 2 houses left by the deceased father,one in Lagos and the other in vilage.The same Satur allegedly killed a man with hunch back in Aghalokpe some years back for ritual.

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