Pained Warri Girl Writes AY, Demands Apology

img_20161018_125229Pained Warri girl pens note to Ay, “I’m yet to recover from the shock of Ay not coming for the Meet and Greet at Genesis Deluxe Cinema for his movie premiere”.

After I have bragged to my friends about my ‘Ay selfie that was loading’. I’m still devasted, pained and I lack words to connote how I feel!


I actually took an hour to make up (to think it wasted), another hour to arrange ‘baff up’ and I waited for another hour at the mall before I was hit with “Ay cancelled his meet and greet”. The chest pain I felt afterwards can’t be described but it can be likened to a devastating heart break. To think I nearly emptied my Gucci perfume on my body – the half full bottle is still grinning at my foolishness.


Ay, I actually practiced several selfie poses and rehearsed my smile on the mirror and all that wasted! No one should tell me I’m overreacting, almost everyone wore a long face when they said Ay wasn’t coming. I recall a guy saying “Ay dy use us play kelekele abi” and another woman who has been there with her kids was muttering something inaudible but her face looked like it was about to explode. What about the red carpet spread and the red and white baloons arranged-all wasted.

img_20161016_154841 img_20161016_154906

Warri, Ay’s fans and everyone who waited at the cinema deserves an apology. If not for anything but for the number of times he called Warri in his movie*eyes rolling*.


While I’m waiting for his robust apology, I will feel better saying this “Ay! Ya real real dad!”.

From a pained waffi girl.

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