PDP Needs an Image Maker With an Unblemished Record – Barr. Kabir

PDP Needs an Image Maker With an Unblemished Record – Barr. Kabir

An aspirant for the position of the National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Barr. Mohammed Kabir Usman has enjoined delegates at the forthcoming National Convention of the PDP to ensure that only credible candidates are voted into office.

In a set of video recordings released on Wednesday, Barr. Kabir specifically drummed support for his candidacy to the office of the party’s chief image maker, noting that he was the best man for the job.

According to Barr. Kabir, “A person managing the image of a product needs to know that product very well. I am aware that some people who just picked the PDP membership card a few weeks ago are now running for office in the party. That’s where I have an advantage, because I know our party very well. What is important is knowing the party and being able to speak for the party with the right voice and to the right people. I know this product called PDP and I know how to market it.”

He added that not having a media background would not affect his delivery on the job. “I am not a Mr. Know All. Where we need to bring in extra capacity, we will ensure that is done.”

Speaking on his credibility, he emphasized that he has an unblemished record as a businessman and politician.

“Our party has been confronted with a serious credibility crisis. We must therefore not make the mistake of electing an image maker who will drag the party into another corruption scandal. We must be very diligent in making our choices and we must ensure that we vote for credible candidates,” he said

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