Police and Vigilante Groups at War of Words in Warri 

By John Dugbe 


AGGRIEVED members of Delta state vigilante and community policing group have petitioned the state Commissioner of Police, Alkali Usman, urginghim to wade into the alleged indiscriminate detention of their members by the police in Warri, Just as the police has accused them of killing and maiming innocent persons.

The police according to a source at the B’ Division insisted that the vigilante group does not have the mandate to carry arms and mount road blocks indiscriminately. Furthermore, the police also maintained that the vigilante group has refused to document their names and also abstain from arresting and detaining innocent persons. But in the petition signed by Prince Joe Eyekpimi and others executive members of the group, the group frowned at the police at B’ Division adding that they are arresting members indiscriminately and detaining them at will.

They said no less than five of their members have been arrested so far and one charged to court yesterday (Monday).

While calling on the police boss to call the DPO to order to avoid an unpleasant situation, the vigilante executive lamented that the present attitude of the Divisional police officer is already causing tension in the area.

According to them the DPO insisted that the group must pass through the police community relations committee (PCRC) stressing that he will not recognise them.

While lamenting the fruitless effort made so far by the group for the DPO to appreciate the dichotomy in the functions of the vigilante and the PCRC, the group contented that the DPO rather chose to be confrontational.

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