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The Miss Urhobo world wide is a Dembaqq entertainment production, which is being use to empower women to be self-confident and strive to be their best. The Miss Urhobo brand is aim in promoting the cultural heritage and unity in the Urhobo nation The Miss Urhobo Beauty Pageant will be the most prestigious pageants in existence today and will become a vehicle for personal development and promotion of cultural appreciation. Dembaqq Entertainment has produced high quality competitions that emphasize and provided opportunities for personal development. Our pageant is decent (no appearance in swimsuits by delegates) and well organized and designed to offer something for everyone. It holds to the highest standards of integrity and conducts its pageants in a fair and unbiased manner.

The purpose for which the event is planned will give it value,
1. Promoting confidence in young women of the Urhobo kingdom
2. Promoting the Urhobo unity and culture
3. Object, fundraising for charity,

We are pleas to inform you that It is the second edition of the  fourth largest tribe in Nigeria the ‘Urhobo nation’ annual  beauty pageantry tag ‘MISS URHOBO’ and it will be held on the 7th of August 2016 at fresh Ville hotel okukoko by the army check point Warri, Delta State Nigeria
This edition is in collaboration with the national union of Urhobo student. this year Miss Urhobo is tag the entrepreneurship contest, each qualified contestant automatically has a scholarship to learn a skill acquisition such as photography, make over, decoration, cake making etc. and winners will be empowered, 24 contestants were selected from the 24 kingdoms in the Urhobo nation and only one of the contestant will emerge as the  Miss Urhobo .2016/2017
There will be a boot camp for the contestants for the duration of 6 days of which one of the day is being set aside for courtesy visit to kings, local government chairman, senator, chiefs etc. In this regard the contestants for Miss Urhobo 2016 wishes to make a courtesy to any who wishes to host the contestants
Miss Urhobo is setting a standard for beauty pageantry all across the country, and will continue to promote the unity and cultural heritage of the Urhobo nation
Long live the Urhobo nation
Long live Delta State
Long live Nigeria

For more information contact Miss Urhobo Mgt on 07029555262 07084091006 or visit facebook:

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