Protest in Warri over poor Electricity Services

The city of Warri again witnessed another massive protest yesterday, Thursday as hundreds of people took to roads to protest the continue hardship caused by electricity blackout and the obvious neglect of the city by the state government..

The protest which was coordinated by the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR) ably led by Mr. Kehinde Taiga and his executive members, alongside the aggrieved residents marched through the major roads, carrying placards and chanting anti-state government and BEDC songs.

“FG revoke BEDC licence”,  “No road”, “No Light”, “We are Living in darkness,”
”Say No to corruption”, “We want light”, “Pay LG salaries”,  was written on the placards amongst others.

Mr Taiga who later addressed all,  decried the non-challant attitude of the state government towards making life easier for the people of the city.

He further pointed out that the people of the state have not seen any dividends of democracy since this present administration came into power last year.

Delta State has received over N124 billion in allocation from the federal government alone, yet the roads are deplorable, salaries of local government workers and other civil servants are not being paid,  coupled with no light for the comfort of the people.

“We are inviting the EFCC to come and look into the accounts of Delta State Government. Let them account for all the monies received since last year because we are at a loss as to what they are doing with our commonwealth,” he lamented.

Enenewedia also called on the federal government to revoke the licence of the BEDC for allegedly defrauding the people through its estimated bills as well as refusal to make available prepaid meters.

He observed that most part of the states have not been enjoying constant electricity and in some instances total blackout over periods ranging from three to six months and yet bills were sent monthly.


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