Queen Favy Nathan Idama Miss SME Delta State 2016/2017 starred In Baron Kess’ new movie

Get Ready and anticipate this movie…… Starring Miss SME Delta 2016/2017 and Baron Kess.The story talks about a young girl called PERFECT…..

She’s a young girl with big dreams of settling down with a working class guy..it turns out that the guy she’s going out with doesn’t meet up to her expenses…so she always argue with the guy so he can buckle up despite this guy made a huge sacrifice for her by donating one of his kidney for her.unfortunately she became tired of him bcos she got to meet up wit anoda guy called FRANK..

Frank is a young man.he had all the qualities she needed from a guy but, perfect didn’t know he’s a hot tempered guy (psycho)…..

So she started going out with Frank forgetting about her boyfrnd (louis)her close friend BELLA  talked to her and advice her not to leave Louis hoping one day all will be well with him then he can meet up to her expenses…but perfect ignored her..finally perfect regretted ever leaving Louis even after TEBBY (Louis frnd) confronted her she also refused…she was always crying bcos she couldn’t cope with the new guy she met  (FRANK)she cried and  Louis to her accept her back but Louis ended up with another girl (laura)…

  A film by Baron Kess

Promoted and distributed Nationwide by:

Mayorkings Agency.

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