Rain, Flood and Warri (Photos) 

It has been raining cats, dogs, elephants and lions sideeyes these past few days in Warri and its environs.
In my own opinion the ‘greatest downpour’ was witnessed on the 30th of August. It’s been raining almost everyday but in a warri man’s voice ‘the rain wey fall early mormor on tuesday na the highest!’

It started in the wee hours of tuesday morning. People woke up to a flooded house. You can imagine the expression on the faces of residents waking up to a flooded bedroom or sitting rooms. It was really that bad. Stores were not spared either. I actually witnessed some store owners bailing out water from their stores.

A woman has been crying over her loss in Ugbomro, Uvwie local govt. area, she’s a rice dealer. Her store was flooded and the bags of rice were not spared. A bag of rice is being reportedly sold for over twenty thousand naira now, she’s now selling for seven thousand naira! What a great loss in this season of CHANGE.

Some old houses in this area was reportedly brought down by the rain.
Were the roads spared? Not at all! Roads in Jakpa, NPA road, uti road, old ekete road, ugbomro road and some other roads. I believe this is a general problem in most roads in warri.
Most roads are constructed without proper drainage or water channel system. So when there is rain or a flood the water is stuck.

I believe if the government ensures that contractors in charge of road should always construct drainages alongside with the roads, it’s not enough to just construct road without a channel system. Also, people should be sensitized about the importance of a drainage system. I noticed that most of the drainages were blocked with dirts and refuse as people have turned an habit of thrusting out dirts into them.

How was the rain, the flood in your area? What solution can you proffer?

And a friendly advise-keep your umbrella, rain boots, rain coats and the ladies your shower cap close, you never know when there’s gonna be an outburst!

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