This was one show that was anticipated and the buzz was everywhere on social media even on the radio except maybe you live under the rock.

If for some reasons you were not able to make it to the show say no more as this is your lucky daygrins. I will just walk you down through the event, happy reading!

African time in Warri shows is starting to be a norm. If a show is slated for 1pm; a piece of advise be there by 3pm, lol. MTC was slated for 2pm but it began proper by some minutes to 4pm.

Beautiful rendition of songs was done by a band and I particularly liked the cover of one of Asa’s song. It was so beautiful and it made me forget my ponderings on the African man timing.

At 4:10 pm, the first comedy act climbed up stage, Ekwakwa (his name sounded just as funny as he was). He wasn’t bad for the opening act, thereafter Mr. Paul climbed up stage. If you know Mr. Paul you will agree with me that he’s not normal and if you don’t know him you should watch out for him. He’s not normal at all trust me pun intended. Mr. Paul also doubled as the Mc of the event. Other comedians followed – Mosco White (his comedy was a fusion of music and comedy) and Hakuna Matta.

The Revelation Dance Group was also present and they gave a thrilling and electrifying performance- someone should give them a medal!

Nigezie and EID had their musical performances and after which Cartoon Boy, Mc Talkplenty and Mc Koliko were upstage.

At exactly 5:20pm the man of the hour ‘KelvinSapp’ showed up on stage. He was all donned up in a white ensemble. His parents were also present as he gave a shout out to them. There was a ‘proud mum’ moment there. He also gifted a brand new phone to her. It was cleverly planted underneath her table. It was a mushy moment trust me- I was teary at a point, lol.

KelvinSapp gave a little bit of his biography and of course his journey with jokes dropping left, right and centre.

Young chief was up next, Ada Gold had her moment on stage too, Mr. Jollof was also present he was in his signatory look; doings T-shirt, an overall, helmet and stuffs.

Victor AD came upstage for his musical performance and everyone except me seem to know his songs and people kept rocking to it.

A mini Gatsby runway came up next and the models sashayed in their beautiful attires- I didn’t get the designer’s name though.

Ebiscosugar came up with his band, Josh2funny followed with his act and y’all know he’s MAD! People were literally on the floor.

I was literally blown away by this dude’s rap, Twest. His rap game is strong, I’m not a fan of rap but this dude got me! He deserves a seat in between mode9 and M.I.

Kennyblaq came upstage next and you know he never fails to deliver. He gave a Soweto version of Olamide’s Science student and the one that killed me was Chris Brown’s version of Mr. Coker’s Kolewerk. Kennyblaq is one hell of a talent.
Everyone seemed to be waiting for Kennyblaq’s performance as most people started leaving afterwards, who would blame them the time was far spent.

All in all it was a proper show- like those type of Lagos shows you see on TV. I spotted one dude from Hiptv covering the show- it was not a small somtin trust me.

The venue was topnotch- KFT place, let me not even start with the Air conditioning system, despite the multitude everywhere was ‘chilling’.

I commend the organisers everything was on point- the sound system, visuals, lightings and those unruly climbing that you usually experience in Warri shows were absent, it was really organised.

I saved this for the last, the show was SOLD OUT completely. All the tables were occupied even the regular tickets had no space either. At a point chairs were put on the walkways. Warri outdid itself on this one!

This is the most organised show I have seen so far.

Big ups KelvinSapp!

Looking forward to a more bigger version of MTC!

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