Rolive Gatsby Fashion Party set to hold in Warri


The Rolive Gatsby Fashion Party is in commemoration of Delta Mall 3rd year anniversary and what better way to party than to dress like hollywood stars in all it’s glamour, drink fine wine, best of the best cocktails under a lovely ambience with small chops and other goodies to go with it.
Yummy am already salivating.

It will also feature
* 10 A list designers showcase
* 30 Amazing models
* Product exhibition
* Eye examination and eye Care tips
* Music
* Comedy
* Raffle draw………….
And the list goes on

Don’t miss out on all of these! Don’t be told cause it’s gonna be lite!! Come watch as A list designers unveil their latest collections!!!

This event is Brought to you by @pinksky_beauty
And powered by @deltamallng
Art by @wizzysmilecreations

#rolivegatsbyfashionparty #rgfp2018 #DELTAMALLANNIVERSARY

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