See Photos of the Cobra Killed in a Toilet in Abraka

This cobra was killed yesterday at Abraka, by a group of vigilante who were called upon for a rescue operation.

A young man who went to the toilet WC, to ease himself, having taken precautions to make use of the torch light, saw a strange object in the WC. Out of curiosity, he looked closer only to realise that it was a strange object. Out of fear, he ran to call the caretaker who was able to identify that it was a serpent.

All attempts to kill proved abortive as was well shielded in the seater. They had to call the vigilante group who had to shoot the serpent, after the WC had been destroyed.

The size of the Cobra is amazing and scary. Thank God for His mercies, this could have killed him without him knowing what it was.

It is believed that the Cobra could have entered through the soakaway pit.

This was around 7.34pm

Please always make sure you look very well before using your toilet.


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