See the State of a Government School in Delta State [Pictured]

Someone today went to a public school in Kolokolo, from what he saw, he had this to say…

This is Sedco Basic School, serving Second, Kolokolo, Enerhen road. This is the only public school in this community. Both Primary and Secondary running side by side.

We went there today to inquire for admissions requirements for our on going street2school project but when we got it was a eye sore to behold.

Is it true that nothing can be done? This school is directly behind the residence of a current state legislator. What kind of wicked people do we have in government, even if its not your consistency, can’t you draw the attention to requisite government agencies…when we vote heartless, emotionless and selfish people into government this is the result.

Kindly share till someone in authority sees this.

State Basic Education Commission
Delta State Commissioner of Education
Governor Okowa

I don’t think our children deserve this kind of experience!

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