Sexual Purity for Dummies


TOPIC: “Sexual Purity for Dummies”

TEXT: Proverbs 31:3 ~ “Give not your strength unto women nor your ways to that which destroys kings.”

If you are like me who got born again as a child you are likely to suffer from sexual repression. It is suppressing your sexuality and sometimes denying it. We can liken it to a beeping time bomb; sooner than later it is going to explode.

I was raised as an SU boy under strict guidance. I never hugged a woman until I was through with Secondary school. But somewhere around my very early adulthood I felt the urge to explore what this whole sex thingy is all about.

In my curiosity I started digesting Hints magazines, Ikebe Super and as many sexually explicit materials I could lay hold on. It was around that period the Channel O’ Music station came into limelight. Musical Videos of Sisquo, Awilo, R.kelly, Foxy Brown and Lil Kim were ubiquitous. Waists, hips, breasts and all sorts of sexually-oriented dance steps were what hit my eyes and went down into my spirit. As I write this I can still see some of those indecent mental pictures. They are that bad!

The garbage in, garbage out principle began to play out. I needed to explore this exciting world. I started by test-running my ‘toasting’ skills. My 1st ‘guinea pig’ fell yakata! Mehn! I felt like a hero. This was how a good church boy slipped into some struggles that would have assassinated his assignment but for mercy and grace. But I must tell you, I took some PRACTICAL STEPS to get HELP. Let me share some.

|| Practical Steps to get Free ||

[1] I held myself accountable ~ I took responsibility. I insulted myself for my mess. I never blamed the devil.

Key 1: “What you don’t identify you cannot confront and what you don’t confront, you cannot conquer.”

THOUGHTS: Be mindful of what you start; it might take another forty years to get delivered.

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