Shawttynatt Foods (@snfoodshub) Unveils Neatly Packaged FoodStuffs, For Healthier, Easier Cooking

Shawttynatt Foods a subsidiary of Shawttynatt Media, has unveiled its fresh, neatly prepared foodstuffs line.

The company on Monday unveiled its first set of neatly prepared foods, which includes Ofada rice, dry locust beans also known as iru, dry pepper(Atagigun), Cameroon pepper, beans flour, and dried cow hide( panmo).

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, the company Shawttynatt Foods prepares foodstuffs with utmost care to retain its freshness, while making sure that all residue not fit for consumption are taken out. The well trained staff, well versed in food processing and preparation also employ the best global practises during packaging.

The CEO of Shawttynatt Media and Foods Bukola Ogunride shed more light on what inspired, the fresh food company. Speaking to news men in Lagos she said:

“I’ve always loved food and cooking, and over the years, I’ve found that lots of food items bought in the open market contain a lot of residue, making them impossible to cook with immediately. People go through a lot of trouble sourcing these food items which most times is not fresh, then still have to deal with cleaning and taking out dirt and residue.”
“Shawttynatt Foods wants to help people with that. We source for the freshest foodstuffs, with the highest nutritional value. We make sure they are well cleaned and prepared without loosing nutrients or taste”, she said.

She added that the company has been in existence for a few years, but focused mainly on sales of Ofada rice.
“We decided to expand to sourcing, preparing and packaging of other foodstuffs when we realised the demand for it, especially from our existing customers. Many people, especially women work very hard, and don’t want to go through the stress of spending time that’s not available sourcing and cleaning these foodstuffs. And as a mum of two beautiful kids, I understand this problem well, and through Shawttynatt foods decided to proffer a solution, at the best market prices available.”

Smoked cat fish, blended locust beans(iru), blended crayfish are some of the other food items Shawttynatt’s foods will be rolling out next, according to the CEO. The prices start at N500, depending on size.

Aside the individual offerings, they also offer an All In One Package consisting of Ofada Rice, Beans Flour, Dried Ponmo, Dried Locust Beans, Cameroon Pepper, Crayfish and Dry Pepper for as low as N5,000. Wholesale of all products is also available, and the company is seeking distributors nationwide.

Shawttynatt Foods goal is to make life easier in the kitchen, while still getting the best in nutritional value, and this reflects in their motto: ‘Eat Fresh!’ . The company is offering lasting solutions to basic foodstuff and cooking problems, company vows to continue to proffer lasting solutions in this regard for a long time to come.

You can order on whatsapp:08106156659, and connect with them on social media:
Twitter: @snfoodshub

Instagram: @shawttynattfoods.

A trial will convince you!

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