Situation Report: Robber Escapes Jungle Justice At Refinery Junction, Effurun.

Some minutes ago a young man was apprehended at Refinery junction for allegedly stealing a phone, jewelries and some other items. 

According to eye witness report, the victim (a lady) was said to have parked her vehicle adjacent shop rite along the refinery road. As she came down from her vehicle three men accosted her from a Keke and told her it easy illegal for her to park right there. Before she could utter any word her phones were taken, jewelleries snatched from her and her wallet was also collected. Fortunately for the victim and quite unfortunate for the thieves they were engaged in hot pursuit. One of the robbers was caught luckily. He was beaten mercilessly and at a point he feigned ‘death’ and he was left on the road. Some men brought in tyres and when they were about to put it around his neck he ran with the speed of light into Delta mall and was held by the Soldiers there. 

In his possession was found one of the phones stolen even though he kept on shouting he was not a thief, he has since been handed over to the police.

I think security situation in all areas should be tightened and motorists should also be at alert.

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