Social Media Strategies Weapons And Tactics ( SWAT)

Last time we saw the difference between Facebook groups and Facebook pages… today we will look at The Marketing Trinity

I believe that the best tools right now for marketing are Facebook, Twitter and wait for it… Instagram. I used to believe in Google plus but somehow for whatever reason GooglePlus flight has failed to take off and Instagram has taken that position.

Facebook has that fluidity, the numbers too, 1 billion active users. Twitter and Instagram are kind of similar with same way your handle looks, with about same number of subscribers but Instagram is currently the fastest growing social media platform.

With images, video, great graphics and the love shown by people to these 3 platforms, if you want to do marketing this is where you should be. Make your posts interesting and engaging.

What social media platforms do you use? Talk to me here or @vycade

Thanks for being here and may social media give you the advantage.

Victor Anyanwu, The Social Media Oracle
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