Support for Pat Utomi is widespread in Delta State as he stamps his presence on the campaign trail

The renowned Political Economist Professor Pat Utomi is on the campaign trail preaching the need to create economic opportunity for the people of Delta state and he hasn’t shied away from criticising the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Delta State for their inefficient deployment and investment policies given the huge N17 billion monthly federal allocations.

On his marathon run through the state during the week, Utomi emphasised what needs to be done quickly to get the state up and running like its peers and emphasised jobs creation, education, women empowerment and healthcare. He also spoke to his numerous involvements in those states and what he has helped the states accomplish in terms of economic growth.

‘’My plans have been translated into reality in many places- Lagos is a good example where the governor can attest,’’ he told thousands of enthusiastic crowds in Warri, Emevor Ozoro and numerous other towns he visited on the campaign trail.

Enumerating on his extensive development input in other states including Lagos, Edo, Kaduna and Anambra States where he is adored. He cited the $250 million Lagos New City project that he seats as the chairman of the project and noted he was appealed to, to be in this race for his good governance principles.

‘’So your message to our base is about what we have done and achieved elsewhere that can be replicated and will be replicated in even better ways in Delta State for their benefit and that includes a better affordable healthcare and quality free education for their children,’’ he said.

‘’I am not looking for fame. I have been better known than governor for more than 20 years. Life is not about being bigger than anything, life is about service. My ambition is to make the difference in this society- that is all I am about,’’ Utomi emphasised.


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