Tuesday Teaching With @pexxie – “He Promised To Marry Me, But Didn’t, Can I Sue The Scum?”

February 27, 2018

He promised to marry me; He said we will get married; He said I’m the only one for him and said he would propose to me… He said he loves me and will marry me but didn’t pop the question! Yen yen yen!! I know… stop crying.. unfortunately what you are looking for “sympathy” isn’t […]

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March 18, 2015

#CourtshipRules8 We have shared on Friendship (Welcome Factor) and Fellowship (God-Factor) and the responses were WOW! Thanks. PS: We are sharing values for building godly(not secular)relationships. Get ready to re-brand your relationship. Romance (Expression Factor) is a phase that comes in when the friendship and fellowship deepens. But hey RELAX! Romance in relationships is not […]

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